Buying Your Home For The Best Price


When you are considering buying a home, envision your life as you would like it to be in the next six months to a year. What do you see? What does that future look like?


Maybe you need more information before you can accurately envision your much mortgage will you qualify for, as an example, or maybe your decision hinges on other things happening in a certain sequence. I am here to be your real estate information resource centre...not to rush you into making a rash decision.
I will not pressure you in any way; however, don't misinterpret this lack of pressure as a lack of interest on my part. I genuinely care about my clients' needs and my level of personal involvement will increase when you require you become ready to make your purchase!

You will get periodic phone calls from myself or my staff inquiring "How is it going?" or "How can we help you?" We are in the real estate business for the long term. We will always give you superior service because we want you to be a lifetime client...not just a client for one transaction. Once you see that difference, you won't ever want to talk to another realtor. There just isn't a need!

Please review the Reports for Buyers on my website.  They contain valuable information to assist you in your journey. The report entitled, "Buying Your Home For The Best Price", along with my guarantee program, will help you in your decision about buying. Of special interest is my Homefinder Service. This system has worked wonderfully for many past clients. Check it out!


I'm excited about working with you and assisting you in meeting all of your real estate needs.  That's the enjoyable part of this business for me.

Steve Klassen
RE/MAX Treeland Realty
#101, 6337 - 198 Street
Langley, B.C.
V2Y 2E3 CA
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