Family News June 2018






So, dear Reader, here we are in June. Where did 6 months just go? For our family, June is one of the busiest months with track meets, school activities, and many different “end of season” parties and get-togethers. The stress level runs high in the Klassen household, so I just keep my head down and try to stay out of trouble 😊. Here are a few recent highlights:



1.   Working with Adrianna


Adrianna finished her second year at SFU, and this summer is working as both a track coach with the Langley Mustangs, and working for me in my real estate business. It’s great seeing Adi work in an adult environment, and learn some valuable life skills, like how to deal with a demanding boss!



2.   Jared Goes Artsy


Jared had had a great grade 12 year, and Grad 2018 is just around the corner. He’s studied hard and has really come along in his piano, guitar, and bass guitar. Sure, his mom and I miss watching him play hockey, but he’s really enjoying his music and will likely even take some music classes at Post Secondary. Jared also volunteered as a stage hand at his school’s production of Beauty and the Beast. This kept him quite busy for the better part of a month!



3.   Mireya at Track


This year, the BC High School Provincial Track & Field meet was held at our home track in Langley. Our club, the Langley Mustangs, ran the concession for the meet, and Cindy was in charge of that. Mireya and 3 girls from her school competed in the 4 x 100 relay and brought home the gold medal! It was pretty incredible given that they had only one grade 10 girl, together with one grade 9 girl (Mireya), and two grade 8 girls. Mireya did a great job with her first leg of the relay, but Cindy and I are taking the credit for her success due to long months of getting her to track sessions, gym sessions, physio sessions, and other various races and meets.


 4.   Soccer with Nicole


Nicole played Spring Soccer this year, and it’s been great for her to get out and play a bit of “footie.” Her team has had its struggles on the score sheet, but Nicole is looking forward to getting back to Fall/Winter soccer and perhaps playing for her previous coach again!



5.   Sports Day with Andy


Andy is in grade 4 at the Langley Fundamental Elementary School, which every year hosts sports day. Now when I was a kid, sports day meant that you decorated your bike with that special paper, and maybe even added ribbons and flags, all leading up to the bike parade. But these days, the kids get right into the sports and games. Cindy and I volunteered at one of the concession booths. Andy had a great time at his very first sports day, and especially enjoyed the tug of war contests! Unfortunately, Andy was not pleased with my or Cindy’s results in the parents’ races. I had been sick leading up to the Dad’s race, and my top 5 finish did not impress Andy. Cindy started her race late as she couldn’t properly hear the start horn, and so, despite probably being the fastest, did not place in the top 3. Andy is a very demanding son! What Andy doesn’t appreciate is that being child #6, Cindy and I have been slugging it out at the parents’ races for 15 years; we’re racing against parents that haven’t even broken their first wrinkle yet! Anyways, hopefully for me next year they’ll have a 50+ category…


 That’s it for now. Have a great summer and I’ll write again soon!