Well, what just happened? One minute the kids are getting out of school, and the next minute Labour Day has passed and I’m again reflecting on a summer that was. Our summer was a bit different due to the COVID landscape, but we still managed, as a family, to make the most of it. Here are some highlights!


We once again had a rotating schedule of guests crashing on the floor of our 2 bedroom suite at the Coast Hotel. Cindy and I, as well as Mireya, Nicole, Adrianna, and Nicole’s friend Maclaine were the regulars. We had drop in visits from Jared, Jude and Morgan, and my nieces Alayna and Talina. Some memories included:

  • Morning runs with Cindy
  • Walks to the “Turtle Pond” with Andy
  • Some awesome mountain biking with Adrianna
  • A bike ride up to the “Lookout” with Jared
  • Mini golf (yes, Cindy beat me this year) and go carts at Rattlesnake Canyon
  • Timmies runs with Andy
  • Cruising one lazy afternoon with Mireya
  • A rare “full family” photo op with all the kids in one place at one time

Salmon Arm

Unfortunately, Sunnybrae Bible Camp was not able to run their yearly “Family Camp” this year, but undeterred, a group of us still travelled to Salmon Arm, stayed at the Comfort Inn, and made the most of the Shushwap! Some good times included:

  • Boating with Mr. Jones at the controls - Andy, Nicole, and Adrianna tubing
  • Dirt biking with Adrianna, Spencer Paquette, and other friends on the trip
  • Cliff jumping
  • Beach time
  • Walking at the Salmon Arm Wharf
  • Meals at the Hungry Panda
  • Ice cream at the Tappen Co-Op


It had been a number of years since we vacationed in Whistler, but since our planned visit to the Philippines didn’t pan out, we decided to return to Whistler for a 3-day mini-holiday. I love Whistler in the summer, and there’s so much to see and do! Some experiences we shared included:

  • Trying out my new 6 bike rack from North Shore Racks
  • A fun family bike ride around Lost Lake
  • Downhill mountain biking with Jared and Adrianna
  • Treats at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • Pool and hot tub time with Andy, Nicole, and Mireya
  • Patio dining in Whistler Village
  • Walks through the Village

So that’s an update from the K-team! If you have any thoughts or funny memories, shoot me a text at 604-312-8920, email me at, or message me on Facebook!


JUNE 2020

Much has happened with the Klassen family over the past 2 months. It’s been an interesting time indeed, but don’t worry, dear Reader, I will not employ the overused word “unprecedented”. 😊

Old Stompin’ Grounds

Mireya is always keen to get a little driving practice in, so she and I, along with Andy, decided to drive out to Tsawwassen. It was a fun outing where I showed them South Park Elementary School, where I’m pretty sure I still hold the recess ball hockey record of most goals scored using a Sherwood 5030 shaft and plastic “super blade’ with a custom curve, crafted and perfected over Mom’s stovetop #3 burner! I can’t believe the old hockey court is still there. However, I didn’t tell the kids about the fight I lost to that nasty kid Conrad back in about grade 5. More embarrassing, is that he was only in grade 4. However, in my defense I was not expecting that quick left uppercut! The kids and I the drove by my old high school, and the kids were enthralled by my tales of South Delta rugby glory and how good we were. Onwards to a few of the houses I lived in, with my favourite being 5682 Groveridge Wynd up the Tsawwassen Terrace. I spun a yarn with my kids about my friends and our dirt bike shenanigans. Can you believe we used to cut across the border into Point Roberts and ride in the old gravel pit? Once in a while the sheriff and deputy came in on their enduro bikes to chase us out. I’m pretty sure they called out after us that they’d see us next time. I then instructed Mireya to drive us down to Centennial Beach where I spent a lot of time back in the day. I showed Mireya and Andy how you could walk down the beach all the way to the border.

Andy enjoyed the tide pools, and Mireya just about got us arrested when she decided to walk a few metres past the border marker for her “Instagram Photo Op”. Good thing the officer was in a good mood that day! I would have hated to ask Cindy to bail us out of jail.


Cindy’s 50th Birthday Parade

So how do you celebrate a birthday milestone during COVID-19? Well, you organize a birthday parade, of course. Since Adrianna, Mireya, and Nicole were all around anyways, I had them help organize a birthday parade for Cindy’s 50th. The girls turned our front driveway into a patio lounge area, and a great number of friends and family members drove by, honked, and wished Cindy a Happy Birthday! The girls had also arranged for individually packaged cupcakes from Tracycakes in Murrayville to be handed out to each guest. Although social distancing protocols were adhered to, it was amazing to see how starved people were for social interactions. The party was lots of fun, and it was great to see everyone out!


Rippin’ The Dirt Bikes

I routinely tell anyone who will listen how good of a rider I used to be. From about age 10 to 15, I put on as many dirt bike miles as anyone. And then one day, it ended. My dirt bike buddies all started getting into cars, and life moved on. What was great is that everywhere we rode, we got there ourselves, even if that meant a “little bit” of pavement riding. 😊 My Dad never had to trailer our bikes anywhere, and I did all of my own bike maintenance. But now I have kids, and the bug bit again! We have a few dirt bikes, and last weekend I took Adrianna out to Chilliwack for a “Braaap”. She’s become a pretty good rider, and I enjoy riding with my kids. Later today I’m going to take Jared for a rip as well. However, for me to take Adrianna and Jared out together, I need to get one more bike! So, I’ve told Cindy that in order for me to be a good Christian father to my children, and spend time with them, I need to get a new Husqvarna dirt bike. Good news is Cindy doesn’t know a Husky dirt bike from a Husky sled dog, so she has given me what I call “soft permission” which means she hasn’t said flat out “no”. Perhaps she’s not yet aware that the price might be a “teeny” bit more than the 2009 Yamaha WR 250 I’m going to hand down to Jared. A lot of the guys I talk to agree that by me buying a new Husky dirt bike for myself, it makes me a better father for my children. And darn it, that’s what I aspire to be!


Nicole Turns 15

Where did the time go? Nicole just turned 5 and now she’s 15! Nicole is a very important part of our family as none of the kids has picked up on my appreciation for good humoured sarcasm like she has. Definitely the occasional zinger! I’m amazed at how Nicole is turning into such a beautiful young lady, and know that I have to sharpen my “scowl” for when those boys start coming around. Good thing is that Andy is always up to chase people off our front porch with either a bat, golf club, or an old hockey stick! I also appreciate Nicole’s willingness to help around the house. She makes awesome smoothies, and is probably the best cookie baker in the family! Unfortunately, that doesn’t bode well when I’m trying to get into beach shape!


So that’s an update from the K-team! If you have any thoughts or funny memories, shoot me a text at 604-312-8920, email me at, or message me on Facebook!

Steve Klassen
Personal Real Estate Corporation
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APRIL 2020

Strange days, indeed!

The Klassen family successfully navigated through Christmas and made it through the short days of January and February. Then, our lives took a hard right turn about March 17! COVID-19 had already been in the news, but to us it seemed like something that was happening “out there”. The weekend of March 15/16 I’d even hosted a very busy open house with over 20 groups of people through, and many of my real estate colleagues had similar experiences. But by the end of the next week, everything had changed. As we as a family navigate through, I took some time to look back and remember what our family has accomplished in the past few months.

Mini Hockey

When Jude, Adrianna, and Jared were young, we played a lot of mini hockey. You know, the small nets, mini sticks, and best played on your knees or while fully on the floor. Andy is now hooked on mini hockey, and it’s been fun for me to continue to develop my skills. I’m pretty sure I could have gone pro if not for the knee injury I suffered. I have to say I still have a pretty good shot, and my goaltending skills are almost at a pro level, except that I get beat high glove a bit more than I like. Andy says I cheat, but I play 80’s style hockey where the referees let the clutching and grabbing go a little bit.

Andy Learns to Skate

I’ve always prided myself as being pretty instrumental in teaching the kids to skate. However, this time I signed Andy up for some skating/hockey lessons with a technical instructor, and she had Andy skating within 10 minutes and by the end of the first session, he was shooting pucks and stickhandling! It was fun watching Andy pick it up so fast. I’m thinking Andy might try hockey this winter. Sure, at 12 years old, he’s a bit of a late starter, but with my personal coaching and advice, he’ll probably make the NHL by 18 or 19. And if he’s really good, he might even make the league I played in, the Inter-Church Hockey League (ICHL). The older kids are tired of hearing about my team, the Culloden Knights, and how we three-peated as champions. I was a bit of a third liner goon, and when a “message” needed to be sent to the other team, I got the tap on the shoulder. I clearly remember coach telling me that the only reason I was on the third line was because we didn’t have a fourth line, and that all he wanted me to do was skate up ice, skate back, hit somebody, and get off. Sure, I didn’t score a lot of goals, but I drank from the cherished cup nonetheless! If you ever go to Sunset Arena in East Van, you’ll see our banners!

Mireya Gets Her "N"

So Mireya now has her “N”, and I’ve been doing a lot of driving with her. I have to admit, I made a BIG mistake.  Since we didn’t have an older car around anymore, I added Mireya to the insurance for my Audi SQ5. Now, I love my vehicle, and with my fussy and perfectionist tendencies, it was a recipe for disaster! Because every time Mireya drove, I was more concerned about damage to my Audi than I was in instilling confidence into my lovely daughter. I don’t think kids really care how much it could cost if they curb your 21” wheel in a roundabout, or if they knock off your side mirror while learning to parallel park. And 350 horsepower might have been a bit too perky for a young driver. I finally couldn’t take the stress anymore and went out and bought a used 2013 Mazda 3 hatchback. I like the car because it is mechanically solid and it has a few dings and scratches, so I don’t really care if it gets a few more. Mireya loves the hatchback because apparently that’s better when going to the drive-in theatre!

Canucks Game

Adrianna, Mireya, and Nicole bought me a pair of tickets to a Canucks game for Christmas, and since I don’t get to see Adrianna much because she lives in Burnaby while attending SFU, I decided to take her. Adi and I both love going to games, and when I used to have season’s tickets, we used to go to a regular season game and a playoff game every year. We both watched the Canucks lose Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final in 2011. Adrianna was 11 years old at the time, and as gentle as she was, and still is, she was so upset after the Game 7 loss that she spit out her gum on the sidewalk and kicked the hubcap of a car on Robson Street. Incredibly, this small spark of an action caught fire as the nearby thugs and hooligans who witnessed Adrianna’s rowdiness were immediately inspired to fan the flame of mischief, and an entire riot broke out! We scooted out of there real fast, and to this day Adrianna denies starting the Stanley Cup Riot, but I know better…

So that’s an update from the K-team! If you have any thoughts or funny memories, shoot me a text at 604-312-8920, email me at, or message me on Facebook!

Steve Klassen
Personal Real Estate Corporation
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This past holiday season was wonderful. Cindy and I celebrated our 26th Anniversary on November 27th; we had a wonderful RE/MAX Christmas party; our annual RE/MAX Client Appreciation event/Tree Day went very well; we celebrated 3 kids’ birthdays; Cindy and I along with Adrianna, Mireya, Nicole, and Andy went to Mexico for 9 nights; Christmas was celebrated at home with Jude and Morgan staying with us for over a week; and we even hosted a New Year’s Eve party. In all of this, a few key lessons were learned and/or reinforced:

1. I Am Pretty Easy to Please (I think)

I love getting gifts, and in the past I’ve really lucked out on Christmas morning. But the one thing I really look forward to every year is my Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Had Cindy bought me a new Apple Watch but forgot my Chocolate Orange, I’d probably be a little upset. I’ve received a Chocolate Orange every year for as long as I remember, and as soon as I open that little box, I rush over to our kitchen, smash that orange on the island with a loud “Ha Ya!”, and then enjoy that chocolatey goodness. Some things just aren’t the same if you have to buy them yourself. If I want an Apple Watch, I’ll just go buy one, but the Terry’s Orange can only be received by way of a gift.

2. Happiness is a Full House

Jude and Morgan came down from Salmon Arm for Christmas, and Adrianna (SFU) and Jared (TWU) came home from the dorms. So, all 6 kids were home, plus a daughter-in-law! It was great seeing the kids playing games, doing puzzles, watching movies, and just enjoying time together. Cindy and I observed that a few of the older kids, however, had to be ’retrained’ in how to walk around the house quietly in the morning hours, how to quietly close a cabinet door, and how to carry a dish from the family room back to the kitchen.

3. The Best Way to Stay in Shape is to Go to Mexico

The last 2 Decembers, we’ve gone to Mexico in December, and it’s been the best motivation to get myself whipped into shape! I know that on the trip the cameras will be out, and stuff could accidentally end up on social media! So once I’ve finished eating all of the kids’ Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups that they received from trick-or-treating Oct. 31, I begin to set a weekly weight target. I find that realistically, with watching what I eat and exercise, I can lose 1 pound per week. So if I have a 6 week head start, I can usually shed that ‘winter layer’ and look ‘respectable’ on the beach. The day may come when the lifeguard asks me to put my shirt back on, but at least not yet!

4. The Glory Days are Over

Cindy and I are very different. Being with people all day zaps my energy, but for Cindy, it charges her! She loves to have people over and enjoy a good time of laughter, good eating, and connection. The louder, the better. For me, well, let’s just say I have been known to disappear to my den to take care of some ‘urgent real estate business’ located on the TSN sports website. Nonetheless, Cindy made it clear we were going to host a New Year’s Eve party. I voiced my opinion on that idea, and was quickly over-ruled. Friends were invited, treats and fancy punches were prepared, and I helped clean the house — every nook and cranny. I sometimes get confused and clean a cranny when I should have been cleaning a nook! Cindy got me straightened out on that one, though. Eventually New Year’s Eve came and the guests arrived. We were all having a grand time when I noticed the ‘trickle’. You know, when your guests start to ‘trickle’ out of your party to go home? And by 11 pm on New Year’s Eve, the house was getting pretty empty. I asked Cindy, “Are we throwing a lame party or are our friends getting too old and can no longer stay up until midnight?” Cindy argued the latter, but I argued the former. Blessing in disguise is that I got to bed at a decent time and enjoyed a full New Year’s Day!

Steve Klassen
Personal Real Estate Corporation
RE/MAX Treeland Realty

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