It is April, which for the Klassen family means a trip down to Eugene, Oregon for the Oregon Relays. This track and field meet, held at historic Hayward Field at the University of Oregon, is a lot of fun. Hayward Field is where legendary track superstar Steve Prefontaine ran, and they even call Eugene, Oregon “Tracktown USA!”



Our minivan left Langley on Friday at about 10am with me, Cindy, Adrianna, Mireya, and Nicole. Jude was still finishing up his last few days at Millar College of the Bible, and Jared said he had better things to do, like not being trapped in a van for 8 hours with a bunch of noisy sisters. Upon arrival in Eugene, we had dinner at the Olive Garden and then got to our hotel.



Saturday morning, with Adrianna’s event not until 7:45pm, Cindy and I ran on the trails around the Willamette River, and even ran on the “Pre’s Trail” where Prefontaine did a lot of his training while attending the University of Oregon. After breakfast back at the hotel, I became the “shuttle driver,” driving kids and mom back and forth to the mall. During lunch at the mall, we talked about the need to exercise “portion control” as the food portions at the local eateries were huge! We did get into the bookstore to buy Jared a few new books.



Once back at the hotel, Cindy and Adrianna rested while I took the younger girls to the pool. Adrianna usually gets better rest when the girls are AWAY and making noise elsewhere.  After eating leftovers in our room, I took Adrianna to the track at about 6pm so she could prepare for her race. Track in Eugene is a BIG DEAL, and the athletes get to see themselves on the huge jumbotron.  This meet was a combo High School / College / Pro meet and the atmosphere was electric! Adrianna ran a good race and battled hard. She ran in the 4th heat of 4 in the 800 meter and ran a good time; an improvement for sure from her race last year at the Oregon Relays.



After the race, we found a really fun frozen yogurt place and enjoyed dessert with all the toppings!



The next morning, we packed up drove to the Oregon Coast for a dune buggy ride at the sand dunes, drove Coastal Highway #101 for a few hours while enjoying the fabulous scenery, and then booked it for the I-5 to get home. Arrival time at home was 1:30am and when I left the house this morning for work, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!




~ Steve Klassen


                                                                                 Family News Christmas 2015


Well, it is time for the annual Klassen Christmas letter, and it always gives me a chance to reflect on what's happened in the last 12 months.  


First off, I’d like to thank you! You, dear client, are the reason my real estate business has grown to be such a success. Your business and repeated referrals have been the “lifeblood” of my business and I’m so thankful I’ve been able to work with such great people over the last 21 years. And many thanks to the person I met in Murrayville who asked, upon hearing of my 21 years in real estate, if I started when I was 16.


The local real estate market has been very active. Although each “submarket” is different, overall prices have continued to rise and inventory levels have declined. I find that navigating this tricky market, whether I’m working with Buyers or Sellers requires good professional advise and guidance, as well as experience. If you, dear reader, are thinking about buying or selling, let me buy you a coffee and discuss what’s happening in your local marketplace.


So what’s been happening at Klassen Family Inc.? Well, as you may know, Cindy and I have been in the process of adopting again from the Philippines, and just the other day we received a proposal on a 7 year old boy! Our 5 kids are excited about the prospects of a new addition to the family, and Cindy and I are working to see if this proposal will move to the next stage of the adoption process. As mentioned in last year’s letter, Cindy and I have a strong conviction that every kid needs a family, and we have been given a blessing and opportunity to provide this family. Cindy and I have learned a lot through our past 2 adoptions, and really feel God has granted us the desire, skills, and ability to adopt again.


Jude is 18 and graduated from high school this last June. He worked all summer at a Bible Camp in Salmon Arm and is currently attending Millar Bible College in Salmon Arm. He loves his school, his new friends, and the whole “experience” of being away from home. I’ll leave it up to Cindy to tell him we’ll need his room for our new son and that Jude can always sleep in the shed as it’s heated and has power ☺. It’s quite something to see how Jude has matured in the last year. The nice thing is that he’s still able to drive back for holidays and reading breaks.


Adrianna is 16 and is driving! She has her “L” and will be going for her “N” soon. It’s a big year for Adi as she is very involved in all the grad activities, but at the same time looking ahead to post secondary options. She is hoping to run track at either TWU or UBC, so we’ll see how her track season goes. In the Spring, she finished 3rd in the 800m at High School Provincials. She also, just this week, qualified for BC Provincials in Cross Country. I’m sorry to report that with school, track, social life, youth group, work (McDonald’s), volunteering, and other things, her room tidiness still suffers.


Jared is almost 15 and is very busy with school, hockey, and youth group. With hockey, Jared is part of a Hockey Academy at Langley Secondary School. He still attends Langley Fundamental for most of his classes, but does his PE block at LSS. Lots of driving for Cindy! Jared also does weekly goalie training sessions at Magic Hockey and plays on his Langley Minor Hockey Association team. Jared eats a lot! Is it necessary to eat a towering bowl of cereal 30 minutes after dinner? Apparently the answer is yes!


Mireya is 12 and is doing really well in school. She plays the clarinet in band, and, I think, has memorized the name of every kid and teacher at the school. Mireya will be running track this Spring, and is enjoying learning Taylor Swift songs on the piano. I was pretty excited to receive some homemade peanut butter cups from Mireya on my birthday! Mireya definitely knows her way around the kitchen.


Nicole is 10 and is doing well in school, piano, soccer, and track. She’s always available to go on a “Timmy’s Run,” and keeps us laughing around the house. Nicole will also run track in the Spring. Nicole wins the award for the tidiest room!


The big news around the house is that Cindy is now on Facebook. The older kids, however, think it’s lame because they know her motivation is to spy on them and their let’s call them “social connections.” Last night the kids were ribbing her because she’s up to a whopping 14 “friends.” Never a dull moment in the Klassen house!


So, thanks again to you for your support. I’m here to help, so please call me if you have any real estate questions.


As this busy year winds down, I’m looking forward to a time of reflection and reverence for what the Christmas story is all about.


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Steve Klassen




                                                                                       Family News Fall 2015       


 Well, summer is coming to an end, and I thought I (Steve) would write this edition of the “Family News” as Cindy is busy in the “Back To School” shopping and organizing mode. So here are the top 10 summertime memories for the Klassen clan!


10. Girls Just Want To Have Fun


It was a great summer for our youngest 2 girls, Mireya (12) and Nicole (10). Late night movies with tea and snacks, lots of baking, swimming at Al Anderson Pool, lazing around, sleeping in, and generally being kids. It was great to see the girls enjoy time off from the “busy schedule.”


9. Quiet Mornings


I don’t know about you but in our household, summer means late dinners, and even later bedtimes. So I found myself staying up later as it wasn’t unusual to find our teens up until after midnight and I enjoy hanging out with them. The reality check comes the next morning when I still have to get up at the regular “working man time” while the house sleeps. The good news is there is no line up for the bathroom, and there is still milk left!


8. Movies in the Park


A local real estate condo project sponsored three “Movie in the Park” screenings at the park right at the end of our street. The kids invited their friends, and we all walked over with our lawn chairs to enjoy an outdoor movie. How fun! The screen and sound quality were of high quality, and the weather held out all three times. The family favourite was the movie “Home,” but I loved watching “Back To The Future” as it took me back to life in the ’80s, when we all had the best music, clothes, and haircuts!


7. Track & Field Club Provincials


In the early part of the summer, we travelled to Nanaimo for Adrianna’s Provincial Championship races. Although we enjoyed the time at the track, and Adrianna and her friends’ amazing performance in the 4 x 400, we will never forget our motel. It is amazing how much better the motel looked in the online photos compared to reality! Let’s just say I’ll be booking our accommodation next time (hopefully Cindy is not reading this)… We did enjoy nice restaurant outings with the other athletes and their families.


6. Osoyoos Go-Carts


I’m a little old school on this one, but I believe that if you’re on the go-cart track, your age is of no consequence. It’s a race! So I apologize to the young kids I spun out in turn 3, but Mireya and I, in our double cart, race to win! If you’re at Rattlesnake Canyon for fun, the tilt-a-whirl is just 100 metres away. ☺ I’m also proud of Adrianna, who worked hard to block my passing opportunities. Keep it up kid, and one day you’ll take the checkered flag, but for now, the old man is still King! (Sorry about your whiplash, sweetie!)


5. Visiting Jude in Salmon Arm


Jude worked as a camp counsellor this past summer at Sunnybrae Bible Camp. So for a few days during “Family Camp,” we visited and got a chance to see what he’d been up to. It was great to find out how he was learning as much as he was teaching. The responsibility of looking after younger people while at the same time being mentored by the older. I know Cindy especially enjoyed the visit as she’s not quite ready to let the chicks venture too long from the nest.


4. Osoyoos Mini Golf


Now I like a fun game of mini golf, but I knew I was in trouble when Mrs. Klassen insisted we keep score. There are two things that are not healthy for our marriage relationship. The first is doing wallpaper together. The second is competitive mini golf. I’m telling you, I can feel Cindy’s “negative thoughts” every time I line up for a 4 foot putt. Most wives encourage their husbands after the missed shot, but apparently others smirk or say “Ha, too bad” with a smile and a fist pump. Yes. Mrs. Klassen is a beauty on the golf course. So I’ll let you, dear reader, ask her who won.


3. Jared’s Goalie Camp


While many of you were enjoying the beach, the park, the mountains, and the hammock, I was spending time at the Sportsplex watching parts of Jared’s Goalie Camp. He took part in a 5 day, full day camp where they had an ice session both morning and afternoon, dry land training each day, and a provided lunch. Over the years, Jared has gotten to know the goalies from the different associations and schools, and he liked the social time as much as the workouts. I also enjoyed learning the new “cool” words that goalies use, but Jared informs me that those words are off-limits to old people like me. Ok. I’ll stick with my own words then like “radical,” “gnarly,” and “hoser.”


2. Jude Is Back


After his camp, Jude came back home for a few weeks and worked. He will be attending Millar College of the Bible in September, and he needed to earn some money for school. Cindy and I kind of assumed that we’d have lots of time to visit, but 18 year olds with car keys seem to find more fun things to do! It is amazing, though, that our “baby Jude” will be off to school in Salmon Arm. The days are long, but the years are short.


1. The Firebowl


This summer we bought a propane fuelled firebowl that we use on our back patio. Cindy recently bought some nice patio furniture as well, so we’ve really enjoyed sitting outside by the fire. I also have a special screen that allows us to roast marshmallows too! It just shows that you can turn off the TV, tech toys, and phones, and just enjoy one another’s company. Because in the end, isn’t it all about “relationship?”  As crazy as life gets, some of the greatest satisfaction comes from time spent together just “being.” As has been said, we are “human beings,” not “human doings.” My encouragement to all would be to find your firebowl ritual!



~ Steve Klassen





Well, Cindy is on stress leave after running the concession at the BC High School Provincial Track and Field Meet, so that leaves me to write the next installment of the Family News. So here are the top 10 Spring time memories for the Klassen clan!


10. House Painting


Last year we completed a major house renovation, but ran out of good weather before getting to outside paint. We felt ourselves always explaining that the roof, gutters, and other trim were chosen to match the future color of the house, just so no one thought we were wacko. So, finally this Spring, the house and fence got painted with the exact color I wanted, then Cindy’s color was used as the final coat!    Happy wife…


9. Adi goes to NYC


Adrianna had been planning for about 1 ½ years to go on a school trip to New York City. She worked like crazy to earn her trip, and finally in May she and a group of around 20 students and 3 teachers set out to explore Times Square, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Broadway, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Museum of Modern Art, and about every hot dog stand in Manhattan. And of course my lovely daughter brought me the “I ♥ NY” smoothie cup I asked for.


8. Vancouver ½ Marathon


Cindy and I had set a goal to run this ½ marathon early in the year. We’ve both run ½’s before, but I haven’t run a ½ marathon since 1999. Knowing that an old UBC buddy who now lives in Scottsdale would be running, I was motivated to at least not embarrass myself. Race day was gorgeous with the race beginning in Queen Elizabeth Park and ending in downtown Vancouver. I ran a PB of 1 hour 36 minutes, but unfortunately Cindy ran into some knee issues and hobbled in at 1:59:00; she likely would have finished in 1:45:00. They say the scenery for this race is beautiful, but I tell the kids that if you notice the scenery, you’re not racing! 


7. Nicole Sports Day


Nicole is our only kid at the elementary school, and we’ve always enjoyed Sports Day. Now I know Sports Day is supposed to be about the fun and the kids and all, but for my high octane wife, it’s really about making the podium in the “Mom’s Race” held in the afternoon. Sure Nicole had a good time with her school friends and the hamburgers and hot dogs were nice, but what could be better than watching mom rip it up to a silver medal finish! Oh by the way, the gold medal winner was probably 15 years younger and is under investigation for performance enhancing substances….


6. Mireya Track Day


Mireya had a fun day at the track for her “School Track Day”. She ran well in the 800m and 1500m. In her world, the fun thing is running with your friends from school, and just having a good time. Winning the 1500m is just icing on the cake!


5. Jared Hockey Tryouts


Jared, our budget breaking goalie kid, attended an “Identification Camp” for the Fraser Valley Thunderbirds, a Major Midget Hockey Team playing in the BC Major Midget League. As Jared is entering his first year of Midget it is unlikely he’ll make the team, but he loved the tryout experience. Skating with the “who’s who” of the Fraser Valley, high-caliber goal tenders, and scrimmaging with some of the best skaters around. Jared really adjusted well to the “speed” of the game and knows he can compete at that level. In August Jared will try to make the Langley Midget A1 (AAA) team and see what happens from there.


4. Family Trip to Oregon


Back in April, Jude and Adi competed at the Oregon Relays in Eugene, Oregon. It was a thrill for me to see historic Hayward Field, and to watch my kids run with some amazing competition. Jude ripped it up with awesome results in the 200m and 400m races. We didn’t know it at the time, but this meet was his swan song for the season as injury prevented him from competing in the BC High School Provincials.


3. Adi on the Podium


Adrianna qualified to the BC High School Provincial Track and Field Meet in both the 1500m and 800m. This year the meet was held in Langley, and Cindy was in charge of the entire concession. So while Jude, Jared, Mireya, and Nicole volunteered with the concession, Adi ‘s focus was on the track. In the 800m final she ran the race of her life and ran a PB (personal best) of 2:16:09 minutes to pick up a bronze medal. Adi is re-invigorated and is looking forward to the summer club season.


2. Jude the Graduate


With Jude graduating this June, we’ve had lots of fun with all his grad events, from Graduation Sunday at Church, Cindy’s fashion consultation on Jude’s suit and tie, and the fact that Jude actually asked a girl to grad (not even by text, but face to face!). I can’t believe how time flies, and that my boy is almost turning the page to the next chapter of life. More on this to come…


1. The Simple Things


As much as we love the “big events”, I really love the simple things that happen in everyday life; family dinners, trip to Tim Horton’s or McD’s for a treat, a walk around the neighborhood park, a run with Cindy, bum-o-wars on the trampoline, turning my 80’s music up loud in the MDX and “exposing” the kids to good music, sitting in Church together, street hockey, one armed pushup competitions (Dad-2, Jared – 10+), getting “help” washing the cars, deep discussions with Jude, embarrassing Adi in front of her friends, still being called “Daddy”, getting nice pictures, and listening to audio books while driving. Life is what happens when you are making other plans…


~ Steve Klassen


                                                                               FAMILY NEWS – SPRING 2015                                                                                                         

It has been quite some time since I have written the Family News.  I think it was probably in the fall, and now it is already April.  I feel like we just celebrated Christmas and now Easter has come and gone.  Time is going too quickly.   But, I have to say that I am looking forward to the warm weather of summer.


Jude will graduate in June and head off to school away from home in September.  He will be going to a Bible School on Thetis Island for his first year out of high school.  After that, one possibility is that he will live long term in the Philippines.  I am trying to not dwell on that fact.  I know it is part of life that kids grow up and potentially move away, but I didn’t really picture it happening so soon.   Wasn’t he just playing with trucks in the sandbox and watching Thomas the Tank Engine movies?  In the meantime, his track season is well underway.  We have been to a couple of meets at the University of Washington in Seattle, and in a couple weeks we will be going down to Eugene, Oregon for another meet.  It is fun to take these little trips with the kids for track meets.  Lots of special times.  We are very thankful that Jude has his driver’s license.  It has made a big difference in the amount of driving around that I do.  He drives himself and Adrianna to track practices and often brings Mireya and Nicole home from their practices which end at the same time.  Jude also drives the kids to youth group on Friday nights.  We are thankful to have the car given to us by my Grandma.

Adrianna is doing well in Grade 11.  She keeps herself very busy.  She is a social butterfly and loves to be doing things with friends often.  She has her “L” and is doing well with learning to drive.  She is quite brave about driving in busy traffic and parking lots already.  Steve took her driving in White Rock a few days ago and had her drive up Oxford hill and she did not like that at all.  If you don’t know Oxford hill, it is probably one of the steepest uphill roads around.  Adrianna said that she was almost in tears and that it was the scariest thing that she had ever done.  I, as a mother, would never have done such a thing to my child, but that is the difference between moms and dads.  Adrianna is also very involved in track and field.  She will be competing in the 800m and 1500m events this season.  She has said a few times that she misses playing soccer, but knows that she cannot do both anymore as each sport has a big time commitment.  In addition to her track training, she has taken on a new role and will be the head coach of the Track Rascals program, which is an introduction to track for kids aged 5-7.  This will be a good experience for her learning to manage and organize, and she gets paid to do it which is an added bonus.


Jared is all about hockey.  He is regularly saying he is bored when he is not on the ice.    He would play every day if he could.  His regular season is over, but he will be playing in a spring league as a player and not a goalie (his regular position).  I think the change will be fun for him.  He continues to go to goalie training once or twice a week with his goalie coach Angelo.  It is quite likely in the fall that Jared will be changing High schools.  They are opening up a hockey academy at LSS in Langley and it is a good possibility that he will join the academy. A few of the players from his last season’s team will also be going to the academy.  Still haven’t figured out how we will manage driving to another school every morning.  I see a lot of driving in Steve’s future.  Jared is eating constantly right now.  Girls might be more expensive to raise in every other way, but boys sure cost more when it comes to food.  It seems that no matter how much food I make it is never enough.  The more I make, the more they eat!!  The shopping carts at Superstore aren’t quite big enough for me.


Mireya is doing well.  Steve and I speak regularly about how we can’t believe that she is almost a teenager and that that much time has gone by since she joined our family and became our daughter.  She is amazing!!  I would say that she is one of the most competent, hard-working people that I know.  She succeeds at everything she does and has so much energy.  Grade 6 has been a little challenging for her.  She has had a lot of homework and because of her high expectations for herself it has caused her some stress and anxiety.  She puts so much time and effort into every assignment. More than I ever would have.  So, we are counting down to the end of Grade 6.  I know that Grade 7 will be easier for her, just from past experience with the other kids going through Grade 7.  Mireya enjoyed soccer again this year and will most likely play in the fall.  Right now she is doing track and field and piano.


Last, but not least, Nicole, our little comedian.  She continues to come up with things that make all of us in the family laugh.  She is such an easy-going, good-natured child.  That is probably a very good thing being the youngest of five.  Nicole has been enjoying Grade 4.  She has some good friends and seems to do well with her teacher.  I think in the future she might need some extra help with math, but time will tell.  Her strength would be her creativity.  Like Mireya, Nicole also played soccer this year and is now doing track and piano.  Nicole is not super keen on track, but we basically told her she needed to do something active, with soccer being over,  and that if she didn’t want to compete at the track meets that would be fine, as long as she went to the track practices.   She always enjoys the practices once she is there.  She signed up for school cross-country, which was surprising to me as she usually complains about the two laps around the track they usually do at the beginning of track practices.  I don’t think she really understands what it is, so the first race should be interesting.  I haven’t explained to her that it is a 2km race.  Sometimes “ignorance is bliss”.   Is that mean??


We are just about finished our adoption paperwork.  By the time this newsletter gets to you it will hopefully all be on its way to the Philippines.  What a task it has been.  It is not hard, just very time consuming.  Our agency thinks that it will probably be about a year before we receive a proposal.  Because we are adopting an older child (between 5-8), it will be quicker than if we were adopting a child below the age of 4.  There are way fewer people adopting older children.  We are excited to see who the next member of our family will be!


The renovation process on our house is almost complete.  The renovation of the inside was complete when we moved in last January, we did the landscaping last summer, and now it is time to paint the exterior.  I can’t wait.  When we did the inside renovation we changed the front doors and painted them black to match the eventual outside colours and also did the new roof a charcoal colour.  So, for over a year we have had a house that looks a little odd from the outside as it is very mismatched, which goes against everything that I am.  I don’t do mismatched!!  Anyways, hopefully soon, when the weather is consistently warm enough, the house will be painted and then I can sleep in peace once again.


Steve and I will be running the Vancouver Half Marathon in May.  We have been doing our long runs together, which has been generally really nice.  It is really not enjoyable to do the long run of the week on your own.  Steve would say that I complain too much, but will acknowledge that despite my complaining I “get the job done”.  Next week we are up to 1 hour and 40 minutes for our long run.  I hope and pray for no rain that day.


I think I have rambled on long enough already.  But, it has been a long time since I have written, so there was a lot to say.


Happy Spring!!


Cindy Klassen



Well, it’s my turn to write the Family News. I thought I would use this opportunity to write about our top 10 Christmas memories from this past Christmas season. It was hard to choose as there were many wonderful moments during the holidays. But, here are the top 10.




10.    FUN HOCKEY. Jared and I had a few occasions to play hockey for fun. He normally plays goalie on a rep hockey team, and things are very serious and structured. On one occasion this holiday, we played as opposing goalies on 3 on 3 hockey. And, a few other times, we played ‘stick and puck’ at the local rink. Jared likes to play as a player for fun, so we had to buy him some player gear.


9.      THE HOBBIT. One Sunday afternoon I took Jude, Adrianna, Jared, and a few of their friends, as well as Auntie Tracy, to see the latest Hobbit movie. I think that makes 3 Hobbit movies and 3 Lord of the Rings movies. Peter Jackson has taken a lot of our money.


8.      CHURCH YOUTH BANQUET. Jude, Adrianna, and Jared attended our Church’s Youth Christmas Banquet. And to their horror, mom and dad were helping on the serving team. So I made sure to embarrass the kids whenever appropriate, and to make sure no boys tried to sit next to my daughter. I’m not sure if Cindy and I will get asked to help again next year.


7.      CHRISTMAS TEA. Langley Fundamental Elementary School hosts a Christmas Tea each year, and Cindy and I attended. Wonderful baked goods are available, along with coffee, tea, and apple cider. While the parents and families enjoy snacks, the kids from the school do various performances. An additional bonus is that since Cindy and I sat together it counts towards “Date Night” points! The interesting thing is that Nicole is our only child still at the elementary school, while Jude is in his grad year. How many Christmas Teas have we been to?


6.      PIANO RECITAL. Every Christmas season, the kids’ piano teacher, Mrs. D., holds a recital. There are about 25 piano students who play short piano pieces, and then it’s goodies supplied by Mrs. D.! It helps to get into the Christmas spirit when listening to all the Christmas tunes being played. At the end, We Wish You A Merry Christmas is always sung.


5.      RE/MAX TREE DAY. My RE/MAX office has a big party and Tree Giveaway for our valued clients who have bought or sold through RE/MAX. Hot dogs with caramelized onions, muffins, donuts, hot chocolate, and candy canes are but some of the treats available for kids big and small. And, dear reader, since you know I am all about quality control, I had to personally sample each available treat. Just one of the demands of this challenging career path.


4.      CHRISTMAS MOVIES AT HOME. We have a few movies we like to watch every Christmas break. This year, we watched the two Christmas Shoes movies, and Elf (as well as many others). If you have not seen Elf, you need to watch it. My favourite lines:


         “6 inch ribbon curls!”

         “Code word ‘Santa has a new bag’.”

         “Santa? I know him!”

         “Does maple syrup have sugar? Then, yes!”

         “He must be a South Pole elf.”

         “You’re young, so young…”

         “Did you hear that!?”


3.      CHRISTMAS WITH THE PARENTS. Every year we celebrate Christmas with a huge dinner both at my parents, together with my sister and her family, and on a separate occasion with Cindy’s family, the Reimers. Safe to say, much food is consumed. Do you ever marvel at how long it takes to prepare the meal, and then how quickly it is eaten? Especially with our teenagers!


2.      CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE. We love our Church, Cloverdale Baptist Church, and our pastor and leaders do an awesome job with the Christmas Eve service. Lots of singing and a great message to get our focus back to what Christmas is all about. As we learned years ago in one of the kids Christmas plays, “it’s all about the baby!”


1.      CHRISTMAS MORNING. Jude, Adi, Jared, Mireya, and Nicole all get up rather early, and are allowed to open their stockings. This buys enough time for Cindy and I to get a bit of extra sleep, since traditionally we are up LATE the night before wrapping gifts and helping Santa with his cookies. I love watching Cindy and the kids open their gifts and give out hugs all around. And yes, I did get my chocolate orange once again. I love that orange.


I’d love to hear about your favourite Christmas memory, so please blast me a quick email to Happy 2015!


~ Steve Klassen



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