First off, thank you for your ongoing support in my business. Without terrific clients like you, I would not have had the level of success I’ve had over the years. You are appreciated!

2017 began as a year where I was not sure what the market would look like. The end of 2016 was somewhat “average”, and I thought that prices and sale levels would stabilize. Well, it didn’t take long into 2017 for me to realize that this year was going to surpass expectations, and end up being my best year ever! Fortunately, I’ve built systems into my business to allow my team and I to continue to provide the level of service our clients deserve, even when things ramp up and the market gets moving. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “How’s the market?” Well, that depends on whether you are buying, selling, or investing. So if you have a specific question about how this market affects you, or if you’re curious about your home’s value, call or text me at 604-312-8920.

On the home front, Cindy and I adopted 9 year old Andy to our family back in February. We were fortunate to take our three daughters Adrianna, Mireya, and Nicole to the Philippines with us to meet Andy for the first time. What a blessing it’s been to see Andy adapt to having cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, school friends, church friends, sports friends, and even 2 cats. As mentioned in last year’s letter, Cindy and I believe every kid needs a family and so we desired to offer our family to a kid. Awesome! I won’t lie and say the experience is easy, but usually the things that matter require effort. Continue to pray for us in this area of our lives.

Jude is now 20 years old, and he just got married to Morgan on the Labour Day long weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only parent wondering “what just happened here?” One minute you’re walking your kid to their first day of kindergarten, and then you’re seeing them drive off in a car that says “Just Married” with tin cans in tow. Jude and Morgan are living in Princeton now as they are working with the youth program at the Baptist Church there. The plan is to work there for 2 years and then for Jude to continue studies at Bible School. Morgan is a fantastic young lady, and we’re so glad to have her as a daughter-in-law.

Adrianna is turning 19 in early December, and is in her second year at SFU. This year, she’s living in a house just off campus with a bunch of other girls from the track team. I think her housemates think I’m a whack job, though, when I discovered that Adi’s bedroom window has security bars in place to prevent break-ins. I also noted that these same bars would restrict emergency fire escape opportunities for my princess. So I did what any loving father would do; I bought Adi a good sized sledge hammer/axe combo to keep in her room, and told her in the event of fire, to just start swinging until those bars let loose. It’s been great to see Adrianna learn about life away from the nest, but we love having her back home on the occasional weekend and on holidays.

Jared is 16, and so we’re in the market for yet another “family car.” Once he gets his “N” he’ll be able to drive to school and sports. So Cindy and I are looking forward to that. Jared, since he “retired” from organized hockey, has been playing a lot of piano and guitar, and has been volunteering a lot with the kids program in our Church. Jared is in grade 12 and so he’s also looking into options for post secondary, with Trinity Western University the most likely option at this point.

Mireya is 14 and is still training with the Langley Mustangs Track Club. She’s doing very well in school, and is starting to think about what she might like to do post secondary. We just got a “family phone” that Mireya is allowed to use, but the iPhone has to be checked in at certain times, and has to stay in the living area of the house. Mireya says she had her best summer ever with trips to Osoyoos, Kelowna, Salmon Arm, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon!

Nicole is 12, and probably the best at making cookies for Dad. Unfortunately, Nicole’s soccer team folded, so she’ll look at options for spring soccer and maybe even track this year. She’s been a great big sister to Andy and even helps him with his reading and speech practise. I’m looking forward to doing some more skiing with Nicole this year for sure! Nicole also joined me on my work trip to Las Vegas this past summer. Unfortunately though we can’t share with you what happened…☺

So dear reader, thanks again for your continued support in my business. I’m here to help you with any of your real estate questions, so call me at 604-312-8920 if there’s anything you need. Once again, our family is looking forward to a quiet Christmas time of reflection and reverence for the true Christmas story.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Steve Klassen

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