30 Questions To Ask

A Real Estate Agent Before You Sign Anything


  1. How many years have you been in the real estate business? Do you work full time as a realtor? How long do you see yourself selling Real Estate?

  2. What was your educational background before your real estate career?

  3. How much time do you invest each month in professional training and career development?

  4. Do you offer any guarantees? What are they?

  5. Do you have testimonial letters from previous clients that I can see? Can I call some of your past clients?

  6. What percent of your business comes from referrals and endorsements from past clients?

  7. What kind of experience and training do you have in negotiating?

  8. Do you have personal staff to see that no details are overlooked?

  9. Can I get out of the listing if I’m not pleased with your services? Without a hassle?

  10. Do my calls get returned in a timely manner? How?

  11. Do you have a WRITTEN Marketing Plan for marketing my property? Can I have a copy?

  12. Are you a member of the MLS? What is that? How will that help me?

  13. Does your company have a well known logo that people would quickly recognize in order to bring more and quicker attention to my home?

  14. Is your company large or small? Does that make a difference to me? How?

  15. Where does your company rank among other companies in the area? Will my property be advertised on your company website in addition to your web site?

  16. Will you stay in touch with me from the beginning of the listing until the closing? How often? In what way?

  17. Do you spend money on advertising? Does your company spend money on advertising? Where? How often?

  18. How “high tech” is your business?  How advanced are your software programs?

  19. Are you fully automated with personal computers, fax machines, pagers and cellular phones?

  20. Have you ever had a grievance or complaint lodged against you with your local real estate board or your provincial real estate association?

  21. What support systems do you have in place? What systems do you have in place that will keep you in constant contact with me?

  22. Do your “For Sale” signs stand out and draw attention so that potential purchasers driving by will notice them and take down the phone number? How are they different?

  23. Do you do anything to prepare a house for the market? What?

  24. What is your list to sales price ratio versus the Real Estate Board average?

  25. Do you have your own web site? How often is it updated?

  26. Do you put a feature sheet of my home on your web site? How does it help promote my property?

  27. Do you prepare professional flyers detailing the amenities and highlights of the home to be given to prospective buyers who come into the house?

  28. Will you personally be there when contracts are presented to handle all the negotiations?

  29. Will you monitor the steps leading up to the closing date such as the loan application, title reports, inspection and lender commitments?

  30. Do you have a written list of business and personal goals that you carry at all times?

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